I’m just looking through my logs and I see people trying to visit
robots.txt on my web page. Hey. There ain’t robots.txt on my site.
I want to know how people are trying to access robots.txt. This is

I finished making my 1304 piece collector’s edition X-Wing tonight. I
always thought that legos were pretty easy. But when you’re working
with 1300 pieces, it gets a little difficult. It took me 3 days, over
9 hours to finish it. Whew! Now I just need that Tie Interceptor

I just finished watching Titanic and it just reminded me of some of
the things on my cruise. Immediately after boarding the boat, we had
a drill in case of emergency, like abandoning the boat. Basically it
was a drill where we go to how special area, and then board the boats
by section. We had to wear the life preservers during the drill too
which were incredibly uncomfortable. But the life preservers had
these whistles attached to each of the life preservers. Hey! Like in
case we go into cold water and need a whistle to be heard like Kate
Winslet needed a whistle in Titanic. Okay.

So we get to the part before boarding the lifeboats. We don’t
actually board the lifeboats, but just get into position to board
them. So there’s this announcement that comes saying that women and
children get to board the boats first. Okay. Just like the Titanic.
Wait a minute. This ain’t 1912. It’s the year 2000. What happened
to this equal rights thing. Why do the women and children get to
board first? Hey. I’m in front. I should get on first. None of
this having to wait for the women and children in the back while I’m
sitting out in front next to the boat.