Since I’m taking numerical analysis now, I like this joke:

How many numerical analysts does it take to change a light bulb?

3.9967 (after six iterations).

A math joke I read a long time ago:

A mathematician went insane and believed that he was the
differentiation operator. His friends had him placed in a mental
hospital until he got better. All day he would go around frightening
the other patients by staring at them and saying “I differentiate

One day he met a new patient; and true to form he stared at him and
said “I differentiate you!”, but for once, his victim’s expression
didn’t change. Surprised, the mathematician marshaled his energies,
stared fiercely at the new patient and said loudly “I differentiate
you!”, but still the other man had no reaction. Finally, in
frustration, the mathematician screamed out “I DIFFERENTIATE YOU!”

The new patient calmly looked up and said, “You can differentiate me
all you like: I’m e to the x.”

“You know what the cat said right before it died?”

“Aw… he won’t kill me.”

– Hank

“Um… let me have one of those porno magazines… a large box of
condoms… a bottle of Old Harper… a couple of those panty
shields… andsomeillegalfireworks… and one of those disposable
enemas. Ah, make it two.”

– Homer trying to buy illegal fireworks.

Larry: Geez, come on, Dad, we got company. Make with the yakketty-yak-yak.
Burns: Yakketty-yak-yak… You, foodbag… do you have a son?
Homer: Yes, sir, I do.
Burns: And is he a constant disappointment? Does he bring home nitwits and make you talk to them?
Homer: Oh, all the time! Have you ever heard of this kid Milhouse? He’s a little wiener who…
Burns: Fascinating. Goodnight.

I was just looking at some domain names that I would like to have had, but they were taken.
But of course the ones I really want, and ain’t being used. Their
names are just taken. takes you to the page (thanks guys). Well I
really can’t compete with Of course is owned by
and points you to some weird Chinese site. Punks. I think I would like, but
my Spanish ain’t that good.