“Yeah, I saw that he wrote for the examiner and I said, ‘Oh'”

Watch the Mission Impossible 2 trailer.
http://www.missionimpossible.com/trailer_index.html (broken)

I’ve decided to end my boycott against the Phantom Menace.
My brother knocked some sense into me. Oh well… But I
still refuse to buy that tape.

1-13-00 11:00pm 0001

My teeth are clean.

Today, I am officially announcing my boycott against the Phantom Menace products. Seeing how
George Lucas isn’t releasing a DVD version of the Phantom Menace in the “foreseeable future,”
I will be boycotting all Phantom Menace products until they do. And I urge you brothers and
sisters. Join me. Join me and fight the evil that I call George Lucas. I will not accept
this subpar format called VHS.
http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/eo/20000109/en/20000109012.html (broken)

This coming Wednesday night, the LA Lakers shall have their
15 game winning streak snapped as they go visit the Milwaukee
Bucks. Game starts 6:00pm PST.

One down, three to go. Dolphins 20, Seahawks 17.

I was looking at the newspaper the other day I was just thinking that I need to get
a Sony WEGA trinitron TV. And I only want to mention this because I have always called
those new flat TV WEGA’s, but everyone (Jeff, Eric) call it VEGA. Well…
I mean everyone’s (Jeff, Eric) not wrong; some of them use VEGA technology, but they are
called WEGA’s now aren’t they?

I finally bought Mulan on Saturday. I was watching it yesterday, and I have to say
that if Mulan can pass as a man without being questioned, then she’s got to be ugly.
But of course Disney has to make the Chinese girl ugly. Of all the Disney heroines
the first ugly one has to be Chinese. Damn racist, sexist bastards.

Happy New Year everyone.

Las Vegas was fun. Yeah someone died in the celebration there, but that doesn’t ruin the experience.
The greatest part of being down on the strip is how the countdown on the hotels were different.
Caesar’s Palace was three minutes early and had to stop its countdown. Nobody cared about the
Imperial Palace countdown which was 30 seconds faster than Mirage’s. That was hilarious.

My computer is still up after 2 and a half weeks. Oh yeah!