I was thinking about the Little Mermaid again. Okay, now Ariel
bargained her voice for three days on land with legs. First of all,
what kind of deal is that? How can you get only three days? At least
give me a week. Ariel is just so stupid. Three days to try to get
the prince to fall in love with her is completely ridiculous seeing
how they have never spoken to each other before. You’d think a 16
year old mermaid would have better sense than that.

Ariel got lucky. Luckily the prince is only obsessed with looks and
not personality, seeing how he fell in love with her without even
no communication at all. What’s the odds of that marriage lasting?
Probably not a good chance.

And then wouldn’t you all think that Ariel would probably stink? I
mean she is a fish and all.

——–<><-------- ----><>——<><--- Thanks to Des for the fish. ------------------- -------------------