Well yesterday I went to drop off stuff at Yvonne’s house. We hung out for most of the day and
watched Toy Story 2. I’m really going to miss her. But enough of that. I have to talk about
Irvine. I mean the city is beautiful and all, but I have to question some of the things there,
mostly the street names. Okay, how do you think of street names of Racing Wind, Timber Run,
Blue Lake South, and other names even stranger that I can’t remember. Of course Blue Lake South
ends at a body of water. A pool that is.

Question to ponder about. Let’s say you’re a mermaid dude and you have a daughter. Let’s say
this daughter, who happens to be 16 years old, happens to fall in love with a human. Would you
let her marry the man?

Well this is what happens in the Little Mermaid, and I must say there is no way that that girl
is going to marry a human. You stick to your own kind. I’m sure there are plenty of merfolk
in the sea for you. There is no reason for you to be marrying a human. Marry a black merfolk,
fine. But stay away from those humans. It’s like marrying an alien. You just don’t do it.

Of course it was brought to my attention that in the movie the king was letting Ariel marry that
guy not because she wanted to, but in fact the king was planning a strategic alliance with the
humans. The king let his daughter marry the prince in order to gain more power over the world.
Brilliant. If that were the case, then MAYBE I would let my daughter marry the guy, but no other
reason could work for me.

Sorry about the funny typing. Kind of sleepy.