Three times every year I come to this dilemma. What do I buy my mom? There’s her birthday,
Mother’s Day, and Christmas. Of course Christmas is the worst of them all, since I just
don’t have my mom, but everybody else. Okay, it’s easy to shop for men. Games, electronics,
toys. But buying presents for women is a different matter altogether. What do I know about
women? Nothing. The world would be so much simpler if we all loved games and DVD’s.

Well I just got a summoning notice for jury duty. Too bad I’m not going to be
here. Man, it’s too much trouble to fill out these excuses for jury duty.
Forget it. I’m never going to vote again.

)(( ) ))
)) )(()(
\ | /

It’s suppose to be Pho. But it doesn’t look like it. Oh well.