As I was going to buy 40 Chicken McNuggets, I was just thinking about the Simpsons where
Kodos and Kang take over Bob Dole and Bill Clinton’s bodies. And then Homer reveals to
a crowd that they are aliens, and they respond with this:

Kodos: It’s true, we are aliens. But what are you going to do about it? It’s a two-party system! You have to vote for one of us!
Man in crowd: Well, I believe I’ll vote for a third-party candidate.
Kang: Go ahead, throw your vote away!

Hee, hee. that’s holiday.

Well for now I’ve decided to keep my website the way it is. I have no ideas on what to do with it,
but I have received some suggestions for improving it. It appears to me the only we I can spice
up this website is by putting some graphics on it. Of course not just any graphics, but ascii art.
Why didn’t I think of this before? Of course.

	          |   |

Have any suggestions to improve my tree? Tell me.
More art to show up.