Slowly over the course of the semester, I have been moving my electronic equipment into my
room. I started with my TV, then my DVD player, once in a while my VCR would be in here,
but now, my move is almost complete. I finally moved my home theater system in my room
and I again realize how inadequate my orignal sub was. But now I have a problem with there
being no system outside. Well there is only one solution to that.

Get a new home theater system.

The process of me making a my new website is underway. I don’t know if I can ever make one
as good as I have now, but I can only try. I want to be as proud of my site as I am proud
of Isaac’s. Isaac has shown me the beauty of the &#60pre&#62 tag.

Well I have decided on a few things that I need to get done while I’m at home in LA.

1. Put up my Christmas tree
2. Watch Toy Story 2
3. Watch Man on the Moon
4. Watch The Green Mile
5. Play Gran Turismo 2 with Jeff and Eric
6. Sleep
7. Clean my garage
8. Make my website
9. Get a Dreamcast