BeOS is cool. Of course it would be even better if I could get color and
if I didn’t have a Winmodem, but then again, who can have everything? At
least it has that cool processor usage thing. That’s all I need.

New Year’s is coming soon. Rioting at Times Square, looting at Good Guys, the end of civilization
as we know it. I’d worry for anyone who’s going to be at Times Square on New Year’s, i.e. Yvonne.
People are insane to go out anywhere at that time…

… Oh yeah. I’ll be in Las Vegas on New Year’s.

The Little Mermaid Game

I hate being sick.

Jeff, Eric, and I were discussing a good game about the Little Mermaid. Instead
of controlling Ariel and having her as the main character, your main characters
in our game are King Triton and Prince Eric. It’s like a strategy game where
the king and the prince fight each other for land and power, all while trying to keep
Ursula out of the way. You can be either the king or the prince. Ariel is just
a prize. You get points at the end for having her. You as the king can decide
if she marries the prince or if she stays with you. You can marry her off to
create alliance with the prince in order to battle Ursula together. There are
many ways to win the game. It’s deep.

Computer still up after five days.

“Why don’t people use Macs?
Cause they’re not P.C.

What kind of guitar does a whale play?
Electric-eel guitar.”

– Clara Tam

Well it just so happened today that while I was going to Albertsons to buy some
soda, I parked next to another Explorer. And not just any Explorer, but the
same colored Limited Explorer as the one I have. I’ve had several discussions
with my friends concerning the color of my color. I say it’s red. They say
it’s purple or the even stupider people say it’s pink. So it just happens that
I return to my car as the other owner of the car is there, and I ask her what
color she thinks her car is? Her response:


And I say “Thank you.”

I was thinking about the Little Mermaid again. Okay, now Ariel
bargained her voice for three days on land with legs. First of all,
what kind of deal is that? How can you get only three days? At least
give me a week. Ariel is just so stupid. Three days to try to get
the prince to fall in love with her is completely ridiculous seeing
how they have never spoken to each other before. You’d think a 16
year old mermaid would have better sense than that.

Ariel got lucky. Luckily the prince is only obsessed with looks and
not personality, seeing how he fell in love with her without even
no communication at all. What’s the odds of that marriage lasting?
Probably not a good chance.

And then wouldn’t you all think that Ariel would probably stink? I
mean she is a fish and all.

——–<><-------- ----><>——<><--- Thanks to Des for the fish. ------------------- -------------------

Well yesterday I went to drop off stuff at Yvonne’s house. We hung out for most of the day and
watched Toy Story 2. I’m really going to miss her. But enough of that. I have to talk about
Irvine. I mean the city is beautiful and all, but I have to question some of the things there,
mostly the street names. Okay, how do you think of street names of Racing Wind, Timber Run,
Blue Lake South, and other names even stranger that I can’t remember. Of course Blue Lake South
ends at a body of water. A pool that is.

Question to ponder about. Let’s say you’re a mermaid dude and you have a daughter. Let’s say
this daughter, who happens to be 16 years old, happens to fall in love with a human. Would you
let her marry the man?

Well this is what happens in the Little Mermaid, and I must say there is no way that that girl
is going to marry a human. You stick to your own kind. I’m sure there are plenty of merfolk
in the sea for you. There is no reason for you to be marrying a human. Marry a black merfolk,
fine. But stay away from those humans. It’s like marrying an alien. You just don’t do it.

Of course it was brought to my attention that in the movie the king was letting Ariel marry that
guy not because she wanted to, but in fact the king was planning a strategic alliance with the
humans. The king let his daughter marry the prince in order to gain more power over the world.
Brilliant. If that were the case, then MAYBE I would let my daughter marry the guy, but no other
reason could work for me.

Sorry about the funny typing. Kind of sleepy.

Now I know that all of you have seen the recent Old Navy commercials.
So I’m going to ask the question that nobody dares to ask. Tia or Tamera?

I’ll give my opinion next week.

Three times every year I come to this dilemma. What do I buy my mom? There’s her birthday,
Mother’s Day, and Christmas. Of course Christmas is the worst of them all, since I just
don’t have my mom, but everybody else. Okay, it’s easy to shop for men. Games, electronics,
toys. But buying presents for women is a different matter altogether. What do I know about
women? Nothing. The world would be so much simpler if we all loved games and DVD’s.